Meet the team

Lautaro Rosales Lautaro Rosales

Lautaro Rosales

CEO / Partner
Pablo Digiani Pablo Digiani

Pablo Digiani

CTO / Partner
Damian Cametho Damian Cametho

Damian Cametho

Operations Manager
Nahuel Miño Nahuel Miño

Nahuel Miño

Tech Leader / Full-Stack Developer
Jorge Ferreyra Jorge Ferreyra

Jorge Ferreyra

Tech Leader / Full-Stack Developer
Jerónimo Rosales Jerónimo Rosales

Jerónimo Rosales

Front-end Developer
Luciano Castro Luciano Castro

Luciano Castro

Full-stack Developer
Lucas Serena Lucas Serena

Lucas Serena

Front-End Developer
Francisco Medina Francisco Medina

Francisco Medina

Full-stack Developer
Francisco Isidori Francisco Isidori

Francisco Isidori

Full-stack Developer
Lisandro Rosales Lisandro Rosales

Lisandro Rosales

Federico Andres Federico Andres

Federico Andres

Front end Developer

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